Our mission

At Elite Pets Spa, we are committed to provide the best quality service and stress free environment. We provide for each and every pets needs and treat them with lots of love care and respect.

Our goal is to enhance the physical and emotional health of every pet that comes to our salon. Proper grooming is in important part for caring about your cat or dog. Not only makes your pets look fabulous but also contributes to your pets well being. Regular haircuts allow more air to circulate around their skin. Grooming involves a significant amount of handling and petting and benefits your pet emotional state.

Professional grooming will greatly impact the hygiene,comfort and overall health of any pet.Grooming can treat and prevent serious conditions such as skin allergies, hair damage, ear infections just to name few. We will assess your pets conditions and vulnerabilities before serious problems and try to help you with best to our knowledge.

We also provide a " V.I.D " service which is a special In and Out service for some sensitive pets, to reduce the stress experienced by separation anxiety of health problems. Extra charge may apply call our front desk at 718 975 5000 for information.